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BPC is pleased to have created a Safety / Maintenance Associate position as we strive to create and maintain a clean and welcoming environment. Your feedback is valuable to us we seek to improve our care environment.

BPC is proud to welcome our 2018-2019 class of 5 Masters Program interns from Columbia University, Hunter College, and New York University to provide additional support to individual and group programming.

Renovations to our BCD Program

Renovations to our BCD program and BPC program on the 3rd floor are underway with a completion date hoped for prior to the end of February. Our new space will offer a welcome and streamlined waiting room with options for counter or traditional seating. Treatment rooms will be furnished with comfortable chairs and the space will include built in white noise for optimal privacy. Below are pictures of the final space.

Staff Appreciation BBQ

On August 5, 2018 we celebrated the BPC staff at our first summer event offsite at Flushing Meadow park in Queens. We had a great turn out and everyone enjoyed the great food, games, and company. We look forward to more events like this where we can show our appreciation for the dedication and hard work our staff does on a daily basis.

Groups at BPC this Summer

Exterior renovations are completed. Interior renovations to begin in Summer 2018

Now interviewing for Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 internship class

New Groups at Bleuler this Spring

We are pleased to offer two new groups at the center, Anger Management and Domestic Violence. Please click here to be redirected to our mental health Group Schedule and learn more about these two new groups as well as the existing groups that we offer.

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Free Community Workshops for Spring 2018

5 week series covering the topics: Managing your child’s behavior; Coping with your child’s anxiety; Noticing depressive symptoms in your child; Difficult conversations with your teenage; Substance abuse awareness and adolescents.

Exterior renovations are almost completed. Interior renovations to begin in Spring 2018

At Bleuler we take patient feedback seriously…

At Bleuler we take patient feedback seriously and strive to create a clean and comfortable environment for all who utilize our services. We have recently updated our waiting room with new chairs and signage and welcome you to share your thoughts with us about any additional changes you would like to see. Please feel free to speak with anyone from our Front Office or Leadership team about your thoughts.